The Workshop will be held in Amalfi at the Sala degli Antichi Arsenali within the beautiful scenary of the Amalfi Coast.

How to get to Amalfi

The main connection point to Amalfi is the town of Salerno.
Below you can find info about how to reach Salerno from the airport of Rome and Naples.
From Naples, which is the closest airport, there are also few direct connections to Amalfi. Some detailed information are given at the end of this page.
You can reach Amalfi from Salerno either by bus or by boat (ferries)

Salerno-Amalfi by sea

Starting from April there are convenient connections by sea with hydrofoils and ferries departing from Salerno and docking in Amalfi (and vice versa). The place of departure is at Concordia Square, opposite to the train station. It is very convenient if you travel by train. Tickets are sold at the pier in Concordia Square. The travel takes about 45 minutes.
At the following link you can find timetables and fares (choose Salerno Concordia as departure station) :
In the map you can see how to reach the pier “Concordia” from the train station.

Salerno-Amalfi by bus

Once arrived at the train station of Salerno, you should head to terminal bus, which is located in via Vinciprova. It is only 10 minutes walking from the main station.
In the map you can see how to reach the bus terminal in via Vinciprova from the train station.

Here you can find the Sita buses running almost every hour to the Amalfi Coast. The travel takes about 75 minutes.
At the following link you can find the bus schedules:

How to get to Salerno

From Rome Airport (FCO)

Take the train Leonardo Express to "Roma Termini" (main station). It is a direct train that serves the route between the airport and the centre of the city of Rome every 30 minutes. Ticket costs euro 14 and can be bought at the airport train station. Get your ticket stamped in a yellow validation machine just before using it. Ticket expires 90 minutes after validation. The train Leonardo Express covers the distance in 30 minutes.

At Roma Termini take a corresponding train to Salerno. The whole trip takes 3 hours approximately. Tickets can be purchased at the airport train station or at Roma Termini (click here for the timetable). Remember to stamp the ticket at the yellow machines before getting on the train.


From Naples Airport (NAP)

a) In front of the arrivals, take the direct bus to Salerno downtown. The bus Company is Buonotourist. The ride from the Airport of Naples Capodichino to Salerno and vice versa takes about 65 minutes. The rides are made from Monday to Saturday, excluding holidays. The ticket can be purchased directly on board, at the price of € 5,70.

There are two departures per day set at: 09:15 and 13:30 (click here for the timetable).

In Salerno there will be 5 different stops. If you want to proceed to Amalfi by boat, the most convenient stop is “Piazza Della Concordia”. If you want to go by bus, get off at the last stop in via Vinciprova, which is also the terminal for the departure of the buses to Amalfi.

b) In front of the arrivals, take the "Alibus" to Naples train station (Napoli Centrale at Piazza Garibaldi). The company provides a daily service, including holidays, with a frequency of 20 minutes. The ticket costs 5.00 eur. The ride to Piazza Garibaldi lasts about 20 minutes. For more information, please visit:

and for timetables:

At the train station in Piazza Garibaldi take a train to Salerno (click here for the timetable)

Remember to stamp the train ticket at the yellow machines before getting on the train. The whole trip takes 1h30 approximately.

From Naples to Amalfi

From the Bus Terminal in Naples there are three buses a day (from monday to friday) going directly to Amalfi. See the link for the timetable.

To reach the bus station (Varco Immacolatella) from the airport, you may take the Alibus (info above), and get off at "Immacolatella".

If you want to get a taxi from the airport directly to Amalfi, the price is about 140€, see the link for informations.

Please be advised that these are predetermined rates, but we suggest to request them at the beginning of the ride.


Since Amalfi is a very attractive destination and it has a limited receptiveness, we recommend to make a reservation as soon as possible.
We provide the following list of nice Hotels and B&B which are close to the Workshop Venue.
You may directly contact the Hotel by mail and complete the reservation.
Please remember to write ‘OSS2018 Workshop’ in the subject of the email.

First Class accommodation

Hotel Residence -

Hotel La Bussola -

Residenza Luce -

Hotel Luna Convento -

Comfort accommodation

Hotel L’Antico Convitto -

Hotel Fontana -

Hotel Antica Repubblica -

Hotel Amalfi -

Hotel Lidomare -

B&B Donna Giulia -

La Piazzetta (no breakfast) -


Alternatively, you may choose to stay in the villages nearby.
The closest is ATRANI, about 1Km far, 5 minutes by bus.
Further villages in direction of Salerno are MINORI (about 4 Km far, 15 minutes by bus)  and MAIORI (about 5 Km, 20 minutes by bus).
Here you can find the bus timetable:
In direction of Positano the closest village is CONCA DEI MARINI (about 4 Km, 15 minutes by bus)

Social Events

On Tuesday 12th there will be the excursion. During the excursion in the afternoon, an expert guide will allow us to get access to the beauties and hystory of Amalfi, moving from the Cathedral along the hidden corners of the town where tradition and hystorical heritage merge into a unique atmosphere.

The visit will include a stop at the Paper Mill Museum. Amalfi held intense trade relationships with the Orient and therefore most probably they have directly imported the art of papermaking from the Orientals.

Image from Photogallery – Museo della Carta (


The visit will then proceed to the Chiostro Paradiso.

The Chiostro is the ancient cemetery of the nobles of Amalfi which was built between 1266 and 1268. Art with its beauty makes us feel closer to God. Here we enjoy the charm of these unmistakable intertwined arches, supported by 120 slender columns, with a strong oriental flavor.

Image from Il Chiostro del Paradiso – Museo Diocesano di Amalfi

Il duomo di Amalfi, orario della cattedrale di Sant'Andrea

Finally, a visit to the Cathedral is a must in Amalfi. The Cathedral is dedicated to St. Andrew the Apostle and has been the Archbishop's cathedral since 987, while to establish with certainty the origin of the diocese of Amalfi we can rely on a letter that Pope Gregory the Great sent in 596 A.D. to the rector of the Churches of Campania with whom he called the bishop of the Civitas Amalfitana to stay at the headquarters. The history of the Amalfi Cathedral is made up of an infinite series of transformations and renovations commissioned by the archbishops who made it the imposing building that will reveal itself to our eyes.

Image from

Limoncello: la ricetta originale del liquore tipico della costiera  amalfitana

During the excursion we will also enjoy a soft limoncello tasting.

The social dinner will take place on Wednesday 13th at the Restaurant "Sensi" where we will get in contact with the taste of tradition and the pleasure of innovation in cuisine. Sensi Restaurant Amalfi was created to offer a high profile restaurant to the many guests who choose to visit Amalfi every year. It is housed inside the Hotel Residence, in a splendid 18th century noble palace. A real journey awaits you, through the authentic flavors of the best quality local products that will stand out on your palate. The chef offers you refined dishes, in a choice of tasting menus that will guide you towards unexplored destinations of taste. “The senses are the tools that allow us to discover the world, to know and learn, to dream. Sensi Restaurant goal is to offer all guests an experience that involves all the senses, a path halfway between the taste of tradition and the pleasure of innovation. "

Photos from Sensi Restaurant - Sensi Restaurant Amalfi (