April 10th (Sun) - April 14th (Thu) 2022 Amalfi

The ECEPQM Workshop “Electronic Correlations, Emergent Phenomena, and Quantum Materials” is organized by the Institute SPIN-CNR (Italy), the Department of Physics of the University of Salerno (Italy), Flatiron, a division of the Simons Foundation (NY, USA), University of Würzburg (Germany), Technische Universität Wien (Austria)

Invited Speakers

Markus Aichhorn Institute of Theoretical and Computational Physics, Graz University of Technology, Austria
Brian Andersen Niels Bohr Institute, University of Copenhagen, Denmark
Leon Balents KITP University of California, USA
Erez Berg Department of Condensed Matter Physics, Weizmann Institute of Science, Israel
Wojciech Brzezicki International Research Centre MagTop, Institute of Physics, Polish Academy of Sciences, Warsaw and University of Krakow, Poland
Massimo Capone CNR-IOM and SISSA, Trieste, Italy
Patrick Chalupa Institute of Solid State Physics, TU Wien, Vienna, Austria
Maria Chatzieleftheriou CPHT, École Polytechnique, Paris, France
Sergio Ciuchi Università dell’Aquila, L'Aquila, Italy
Luca de' Medici École Supérieure de Physique et Chimie Industrielles de la Ville de Paris, France
Domenico Di Sante University of Bologna, Italy and Center for Computational Quantum Physics, Flatiron Institute, New York, USA
Michel Ferrero CPHT, CNRS, École Polytechnique, Paris, France
Filomena Forte CNR-SPIN, Fisciano, Italy
Martin Eckstein University of Erlangen-Nürnberg, Erlangen, Germany
Emanuel Gull University of Michigan, USA
Philipp Hansmann MPI Chemische Physik fester Stoffe, Dresden, Germany
Karsten Held Institute of Solid State Physics, TU Wien, Vienna, Austria
Jernej Mravlje Institute Jožef Stefan, Ljubljana, Slovenia
Anna Kauch Institute of Solid State Physics, TU Wien, Vienna, Austria
Michael Knap Technical University of Munich, Garching, Germany
Friedrich Krien Institute of Solid State Physics, TU Wien, Vienna, Austria
Fabian Kugler Department of Physics and Astronomy, Rutgers University, NJ, USA
Carmine Ortix University of Utrecht, The Netherlands, and University of Salerno, Fisciano, Italy
Georg Rohringer Institute of Theoretical physics, University of Hamburg, Germany
Lucile Savary CNRS, Laboratoire de physique, École Normale Supérieure de Lyon, France
Thomas Schäfer Max-Planck Institute for Solid State Research, Stuttgart, Germany
Fedor Simkovic Colège de France, Paris, France and IQM Munich, Germany
Jan Tomczak Institute of Solid State Physics, TU Wien, Vienna, Austria
Jeroen van den Brink Institute for Theoretical Solid State Physics, IFW Dresden, Germany
Roser Valentí Institut fur Theoretische Physik, Goethe-Universitat, Frankfurt, Germany
Tim Wehling Institute of theoretical physics, University of Hamburg, Germany


Mario Cuoco (Cnr-Spin, Italy)

Antoine Georges (College de France, France and Flatiron Institute,USA)

Giorgio Sangiovanni (University of Wuerzburg, Germany)

Alessandro Toschi (TU Wien, Austria)

Organizing & Scientific Committee

Severino Adler (University of Würzburg, Germany)

Mario Cuoco (CNR-SPIN Salerno (Chair)

Philipp Eck (University of Würzburg, Germany)

Maria Teresa Mercaldo (University of Salerno)

Canio Noce (University of Salerno)

Matthias Reitner (TU Wien, Austria)

Niklas Wagner (University of Würzburg, Germany)

Technical Support Committee

Salvatore Abate (CNR-SPIN Salerno)

Bernardo Amoruso (University of Salerno)

Carmen D'Apolito (University of Salerno)

Vincenzo Di Marino (University of Salerno)

Maria Antonietta Gatti (Cnr-Spin, Italy)

Antonia Loffredo (Cnr-Spin, Italy)

Rosalia Sacco(Cnr-Spin, Italy)


The scientific goal of the ECEPQM Workshop is to discuss the recent and most advanced developments in the field of electronic correlations, emergent phenomena and quantum materials. In particular we will have sessions on many body theory and computational approaches, oxide heterostructures, modern aspects of Xtronics (X=spin, orbit, valley, twist, oxi, …), novel superconductors, topological materials, driven systems and many-body localization. Through a better understanding of electronic phases and emergent collective properties in correlated quantum systems, one can envision achieving a high degree of control over the fundamental mechanisms underlying the science of advanced quantum materials and unconventional quantum phases. Furthermore, the advancement in theoretical approaches and materials design strategies can contribute in tackling present experimental and technological challenges in functional materials with the aim of providing a perspective on the ways-to-go towards new concepts, effects and materials with an impact particularly in the area of oxide spintronics, spin-orbitronics, two-dimensional (2D) electronics, topotronics, etc. The Workshop has a distinctive overall spirit. The underlying goal is to project a new generation of talented physicists into a 21st century atmosphere akin of the great gatherings that have brought together the founding fathers of many body theory. The 2018 edition in Campello sul Clitunno, Italy, was particularly successful thanks to the collaborative and friendly atmosphere among the participants. Physics is often teamwork and we are convinced that scientists need more occasions where to practice efficient communication and discussions without preconceptions and boundaries. We hope that this venue, in the heart of sunny southern Italy, its tradition towards open attitude as well as its warm cultural atmosphere will inspire all the participants to reach this goal.


  • Many-body theory and computational approaches
  • Quantum topological matter
  • Emergent phases at interfaces
  • Interplay of spin-orbital-charge-lattice degrees in correlated electron systems
  • Mott physics and electronic orderings in strongly spin-orbit coupled materials
  • Non-equilibrium correlated phases
  • Unconventional superconductivity
  • Spintronics and spin-orbitronics
  • Electronic states and ordered phases in heterostructures, etc.


Flyer Program

Sunday 10 Monday 11 Tuesday 12 Wednesday 13
    09:00-9:30 Capone   09:00-9:30 Held   09:00-9:30 Aichhorn
Chair 09:30-10:00 Tomczak Chair 09:30-10:00 Hansmann Chair 09:30-10:00 Forte
10:00-10:30 Wehling 10:00-10:30 Berg 10:00-10:30 Chatzieleftheriou
  Arrival   10:30-11:15 Coffee   10:30-11:15 Coffee   10:30-11:15 Coffee
   Registration Chair 11:15-11:45 Ortix Chair 11:15-11:45 Andersen Chair 11:15-11:45 Eckstein
  11:45-12:15 Brzezicki 11:45-12:15 Balents 11:45-12:15 Knap
  12:15-12:45 van den Brink 12:15-13:00 Open discussion   12:15-13:00 Open discussion  
12:30-14:30 Lunch Break   13:00-14:30 Lunch Break   13:00-14:30 Lunch Break   13:00-14:30 Lunch Break
14:30-15:00 Opening Chair 14:30-15:00 Schäfer       Chair 14:30-15:00 Kugler
15:00-15:30 Valenti 15:00-15:30 Ferrero Excursion
(starting from 15:00)
15:00-15:30 Chalupa
15:30-16:00 Gull 15:30-16:00 Šimkovic   15:30-16:00 Di Sante
16:00-16:45 Coffee   16:00-16:45 Coffee     16:00-16:30 Coffee
16:45-17:15 Savary Chair 16:45-17:15 Krien Chair 16:30-17:00 Rohringer
17:15-17:45 Mravlje 17:15-17:45 Kauch 17:00-17:30 de' Medici
17:45-18:15 Ciuchi     Closing Remarks 
19:30-22:00 Social dinner


Invited 20+10 min

Institutions involved

We acknowledge financial support by the involved Institutions.

Important Dates

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