Aims and scope 

Recent developments emphasize collective dynamical properties emerging out of the interaction of simple units. The emergent complexity cannot be easily deduced from the individual behavior of the parts, such as in phase transitions observed in condensed matter, neurons in the brain or individuals in a society. 
The usefulness of statistical physics approaches to the study of these problems in the life sciences is already documented by extensive work on a bewildering variety of fields covering from neuro-imaging to multiple neuron recordings to plant neurobiology.  The workshop is dedicated to continue discussing novel approaches, both theoretical and experimental, for taming the rich repertoire of complex dynamics in these systems, in which cross fertilization and (heated) discussions are needed and welcome.

This workshop continues a successful series dedicated to these topics, alternating between the US and Europe:
Malibu (2014),  Capri (2013) and Bethesda, (2012).

Emergent phenomena
Scale invariance in life sciences.
Self-organized criticality in nature
Collective dynamics in biological systems
Sensory systems
Complex critical brain dynamics
Correlations and fluctuations in swarms, flocks and crowds